The environment is the third teacher – The Reggio Emilia way

Image sourced from The Aucklander

Lorraine Manuela talks to The Aucklander about ‘the Reggio Emilia way’ – an education philosophy described by Time magazine as the world’s  leading early childhood education system.

Lorraine says that although it’s a different approach to education it fits well with Te Whariki, New Zealand’s early childhood curriculum.

Lorraine is a founding trustee of Reggio Emilia Aotearoa New Zealand, a charitable trust bringing a conference and exhibition to Auckland this month.

She says the trust exists to promote high-quality early childhood education and encourages people to see the interface between Te Whariki and Reggio Emilia.

“We’re not copying Reggio Emilia,” she says.

The conference is being hosted by St Cuthbert’s College from October 13 to 15 more details here.

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One Response to The environment is the third teacher – The Reggio Emilia way

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